Metamorfosi Lariana


Metamorfosi Lariana

Mattia Barone



The work Metamorfosi Lariana (metamorphosis of Lario) was born from the first encounter between the artist and Piazza Magnolia, his gaze resting on the surface of the lake, jagged and rippled because moved by a light breeze. The suggestion of this image immediately gave rise to the idea of ​​replicating the surface of the lake using the local stone of Moltrasio: a metamorphosis in which the mountains, made of stone, become water, through a fine processing and treatment of their surface. A tribute, at the same time, to the local artistic tradition that has used this material for centuries to create buildings and sculptural decorations.
Cleaned of all edges and polished to a mirror, the stone flakes recovered from quarry waste must be caressed by the public to bring the work to life. When touched, they will begin to vibrate and undulate, recreating the wave effect of rippling water, and collide with each other, thus adding to the auditory experience.

Mattia Barone was born in 1994 in Cantù, currently lives and works in Carrara. In 2018 he graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the following year he moved to Carrara to continue his artistic career where he obtained a master’s degree in 2023. His artistic practice is characterized by the use of and love for different materials: marble, concrete, wood, clay, wax and many others, often integrated with fragments of whatever object is at hand. The connection with matter and the materiality of his work applies to both painting and sculpture and derives from the esteem and admiration of the way of creating of ancient peoples and from a constant reflection on the importance for them of making art.