Il duplice sguardo


Il duplice sguardo

Collettivo NOTSpace
(Matteo Casali e Mauro Serafin)



Charcoal drawing on canvas and musical composition with natural sound interpolations, 2024

The work Il duplice sguardo (The double gaze) is a large charcoal drawing measuring 4×2 meters which dialogues with the suggestive glimpse of Lake Como visible through the main entrance of the Lake Como Landscape Museum. The work is not limited to being a simple depiction of landscape, but becomes a real portal towards another reality, thus placing itself in the tradition of trompe-l’œil painting. The natural extension of this virtual landscape is the interpretation of the murmur of the lake through sound interpolations that combine sounds captured directly on site with musical interventions.

The concept of “double gaze” refers to the dual nature of the work itself: on the one hand, a reproduction of a view of the lake, capturing its beauty and atmosphere; on the other, a window onto an imaginary and dreamlike dimension, typical of the works of the virtual collective.

Notspace is a virtual collective created in 2020 for the Venice Art Academy by Matteo Casali, with the aim of involving students in work and exhibition during the pandemic period. The collective organized three exhibitions which saw the participation of more than 70 young artists. In 2023 Notspace detached itself from the Academy, continuing to exhibit foreign artists as well, till the inclusion in the creation and curation of the virtual spaces of the architect Mauro Serafin thanks to which the collective’s vision expanded, placing emphasis on dynamic spatiality, creative and in deep symbiotic dialogue with the works. Currently Notspace studies the methods of interconnection with reality, seeking bridges between the physical and the virtual: symptomatic of this approach are the work “Il Duplice Sguardo” for the exhibition “Note ai margini” and the new exhibition in conjunction with the Venice Biennale 2024.

Matteo Casali, born in Italy in 1994, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice in 2020 and completed his studies in 2022, where he studied with Carlo Di Raco and Scavezzon and Luca Reffo. He is the curator of the virtual collective NOTSpace promoting contemporary art and experiments with new technologies. Currently, he dedicates himself to teaching and artistic restoration, contributing to the conservation of the Venetian cultural heritage.

Mauro Serafin (Conegliano, 1995) is an architect graduated from the IUAV in Venice. He carries out his professional activity by collaborating with various professional firms and participating in international competitions and workshops. In 2023 he received the ‘Costantino Ruggeri’ International Graduation Thesis Award from the Frate Sole Foundation of Pavia. Serafin’s professional activity is completed with the teaching activity and curatorship of the NOTSpace Virtual Collective.