Le montagne di mezzo


Le montagne
di mezzo

Mattia Marzorati
e Filippo Taddei



Le montagne di mezzo (The middle mountains) is a photographic project that takes its name from the way in which the geographer Mauro Varotto defines those “worlds that have suddenly become borders”. A typical fracture of mountain territories, created between lifestyles and relationship with the territory. A distance between dimensions that no longer communicate: the high lands and the low lands. On the mountain slopes of Lake Como, the dense woods hide the ruins of a vanished civilization. The plots of lands supported by the dry stone walls testify to a mastery and effort that have forgotten their sense of existence.
Le montagne di mezzo therefore intends to narrate these anthropized landscapes which wild vegetation has now reclaimed. In dialogue with the remains of a very remote past preserved in the Antiquarium Museum of the Comacina Island and the Romanesque nucleus of Ossuccio, the photographs show the traces of an archaic civilization only in appearance, decimated by the different expressions of contemporaneity, inviting us to rediscover the fragile balance of the relationship between man and nature of which the mountain has been a skilled guardian for decades.

The paths of Mattia Marzorati (Cantù, 1992) and Filippo Taddei (Como, 1990) intersect in Peru in 2015. Both documentary photographers, they focus on environmental conflicts, local communities and social justice. They have published their reports in national and  international magazines and exhibited at various festivals and museums.