Isola Gommacina


Isola Gommacina

Federica Zianni



Wood, iron and inner tubes, 400x200x80 cm, 2024

The work Isola Gommacina (Gommacina Island) explores the cultural nature of the human being and its impact on the surrounding environment through excessive production. Using reused materials such as rubber and plastic residues, the work aims to symbolically bring the Comacina island closer to the inhabitants of the municipality of Tremezzina.
The 1:150 scale representation of the Comacina Island, made with materials resistant to atmospheric agents, encourages reflections on environmental responsibility, underlining the importance of preserving the beauty of nature.
The use of inner tubes in the facility symbolizes concern for the possible disappearance of authentic nature, stimulating public awareness and promoting more sustainable practices. The sculpture, with its strategic location and the possibility of being used while waiting for the ferry, is proposed as a meeting point between art, the environment and the community, encouraging a deeper connection with the territory and a collective commitment for the protection of the environment.

Federica Zianni graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Sculpture. She returns there in 2022 with the role of teacher of Foundry Techniques.
Since 2018 he has participated in prizes and artistic residencies of national and international importance such as VIR Viafarini-in-residence and In-Edita 2. In 2022 he was a finalist in the Premio Arte curated by Cairo Editore, at the Palazzo Reale in Milan. She begins the creation of his first monograph published by Vanillaedizioni. She is the winner of the Arte Laguna Prize 16 for the Special Prizes section.
In 2023 she participates in the Hackaton Re-Use project co-financed by the European Union as part of the Creative Europe Programme. She exhibited for the first time at the GASC – Galleria D’arte Sacra Dei Contemporanei in Milan and won the 7th edition of Arcipelago. Finally, she participates in the 2023 International Sculpture Camp at Huafan University in Taiwan as a lecturer. In 2024 she is in artistic residency at Villa Greppi.